Back To School Shopping Tips

As a new school year is set to begin, it’s time for back to school shopping!

While back to school shopping can be easy for some (see the video below), here are some helpful tips for your back to school shopping trip.

1. Plan Ahead!
As the list of back to school supplies continues to get longer, the best thing is to have a shopping plan before even leaving your home. With a firm plan in place, you can prevent the purchase of unnecessary items or forgetting essential items that may be needed.

2. Check For Supplies At Home
By checking in drawers, closets, and desks, you might find that you already have a pack of pencils, pens, or other supplies that your child may need. There is no need to purchase items you may already have around the house.

3. Download Cash Back Apps
Apps like Ibotta (Free for your iOS or Android smartphone) claim to be “Better than Coupons”, and they just might be right when it comes to shopping for back to school! Ibotta is an app that offers cash-back and rebates for grocery stores and retail stores.

4. Compare Big Box Store Prices For Back To School Supplies
Target, Walmart, Kmart and many other school supply stores will often price-match other retailers giving you the best deal. Another thing to watch out for are rollback discounts and store brand items, which can save you big bucks at checkout.

5. Have Fun!
Enjoy shopping for supplies with your kids!

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