General Liability Insurance

When your Nonprofit Chapter or Club is organizing an event, it is very important to make sure that you have taken the necessary steps to ensure the protection of the organization if a liability claim arises.

Liability Plus is the most commonly purchased coverage among Nonprofit Chapters and Clubs, and is crucial to the protection of Nonprofit operations as a whole. With Liability Plus, no matter how many fundraising dinners, festivals and other events that your Nonprofit organizes, you can worry less about whether or not you are covered, and concentrate more on the success of your event.

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Liability Plus is available to most local Chapters or Clubs with a master organization wishing to purchase this liability protection. Coverage is extended to include any Nonprofit member or volunteer.

Nonprofit Insurance Liability Plus provides General Liability coverage for activities or events sponsored by your Nonprofit Chapter. This coverage includes a $1,000,000 Per Occurrence/$2,000,000 Aggregate Limit for your Nonprofit. Coverage is included for the following:

  • Bodily Injury Liability
  • Property Damage Liability
  • Personal Injury Liability
  • Advertising Injury Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Host Liquor Liability
  • Fire Legal Liability

The United States, its territories and possessions, Puerto Rico and Canada are included in the coverage territory for this policy.

The policy period is one calendar year. During the application process, your Nonprofit Chapter may choose the effective start date of the policy. Following the choice of start date, the policy will expire on the same date the following year. If leadership roles are changing within your Nonprofit group, be sure that insurance renewal is a task delegated to an incoming officer
to avoid a potential lapse in insurance coverage.

Every time you name another entity on your policy, you have agreed to share your limit of liability, and to defend that other entity should a lawsuit arise. Other community organizations
are considered separate legal entities that cannot be properly protected under the same insurance policy. Do not let any other entities or separate organizations use you for your insurance. Protect your insurance and use it only for your Nonprofit Chapter or Club.

Concessionaires and commercial vendors provide for-profit attractions such as a food vendor. These vendors will operate on behalf of your local Chapter for a percent of the profits or for a prearranged price. These concessionaires and vendors are independent contractors. Your local Club or Chapter is protected against claims or suits arising out of the operations (unless excluded) of these independent contractors. However, the independent contractor is afforded NO protection under the local Chapter or Club policy and should, for your protection, provide your local Club or Chapter with their own Certificate of Insurance. This Certificate of Insurance should show that the independent contractor/vendor has in-force liability insurance with limits of a least $1,000,000, and it should also name your local Chapter or Club as Additional Insured. The vendor may attempt to charge your group for the cost of the Additional Insured endorsement that must be added to their liability policy. Since the concessionaire will be earning a profit, your group may be able to negotiate this price. If the vendor is unable or unwilling to provide the Certificate of Insurance, you should consider finding another concessionaire or vendor who will.

Although our General Liability policy is quite broad, there are some exclusions usual to this type of liability insurance. The following is only a summary and is not all inclusive, nor does it alter or waive any of the actual policy language.

There is NO coverage, , or coverage is excluded for losses or claims arising out of:

  • Amusement device, inflatable, mechanical or motorized
  • Athletics/Sports
    (Bowling, Golf Tournament, Free Throw Contest and Soccer Challenge Contest are O.K.)
  • Owned Automobile liability/motorized vehicles
  • Firearms/weapons/ammunition
  • Fireworks/pyrotechnics/rocketry
  • Owned or full time occupancy of any premises or land
  • Owned and/or Non-Owned Aircraft Liability
  • Owned Watercraft Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation

With years of experience gained from working with Nonprofit organizations, we have come to advise local Nonprofit Chapters and Clubs on ways to put on events that help reduce their exposure to accidents and losses. Listed below are some best practices, guidelines and tips to help your Club or Chapter put on safe and successful events throughout the year!

  • Establish a maximum number of attendees for your event or activity
  • Make sure there is adequate space, circulation routes, and clearly defined entrances and emergency exits
  • If your event is being held outdoors, take ground conditions and site topography into consideration to help determine the best position for temporary structures such as tents, stages, or temporary signage
  • If any tents or outdoor structures are used, be sure they are properly secured into the ground to prevent them from toppling over
  • Tape off / mark areas that are out of bounds whether an event is indoors or outside
  • Establish and agree on emergency procedures in case of an incident and be sure to designate qualified first aid volunteers
  • If animals are present, be sure that they are closely monitored to prevent animal bites
  • Use cable covers on all wires to prevent tripping accidents
  • Have outside vendor attendants supervise the activities on equipment they supply
  • Have any equipment that is supplied by an outside vendor inspected prior to the first use
  • Be sure that any spills are cleaned up immediately and ensure that arrangements are made for clearing up and safely disposing of any trash left after your event or activity